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Top Tanning Tips - Stay Updated With Our Organic Tanning Lotion

Nature’s Quest Body Lotion

Nature’s Quest Body Lotion and Tanning Lotion is a great addition for your skincare routine. Most people think the best time to use a tanning lotion is in the warmer months, however it is also perfect for those colder months to give your skin the nice sun kissed appeal. Everyone appreciates the benefits the glow that your tanning lotion may give you.

Nature’s Quest tanning lotion helps to improve the skins texture and the appearance of your skin, providing a smoother, more even skin tone, reducing the appearance of imperfections and blemishes. Nature’s Quest tanning lotion definitely competes highly against organic tanning lotions as it has the wonderful luxurious feel, leaving your skin feel silky smooth and brilliantly tanned.

Golden Glow through Tanning Cream

Obtaining a rich natural golden glow takes a little preparation when applying tanning cream. However, if you would like healthy natural glowing skin, make sure you take the time to prepare your skin.  We recommend removing flaky dry skin before application. This is done by exfoliating and applying our body lotion, so your skin is nice and moist. If you apply tanning lotion or tanning gel to dry skin, the finished results may leave your skin looking patchy. And you certainly do not want that, so giving your skin a good scrub it is a definite must, to help you to obtain that nice smoothing glowing finish.

Our Tanning Cream gives that exceptional sun kissed glow all year round without the exposure to the sun’s harmful rays or nasty synthetic ingredients. No need to sit in the sun for hours on end and feel like you’re melting, and you certainly do not want to much sun exposure, that could cause premature signs of aging and dry sunburnt skin.

Our tanning Lotion has become a popular choice for those looking for the beautiful glowing tanned complexion without having prolonged periods in the sun, which can definitely damage our skin. Nature’s Quest tanning Lotion offers a safe alternative to traditional outdated methods. Allowing you to achieve that all year-round Tan. Nature’s Quest tanning cream is ideal for all skin types and removes the need to be sitting out in the damaging rays of the sun for hours trying to get a tan. Relax in your own home and enjoy a few moments to apply your tanning lotion.

How do you use Nature’s Quest Tanning lotion:

We always recommend exfoliating as your first step. This step helps to remove any dry and flaky skin. Once this step is complete, we recommend Nature’s Quest  Body Lotion. Apply this to your body by massaging this into your skin and wait a short period to allow your body to absorb all the goodness it offers.
Applying the tanning lotion: We do suggest wearing disposable gloves. You can use your hands however remember you are applying a tanning lotion and it could stain your hands. If you choose this method, we strongly recommend thoroughly washing your hands once completed to avoid tanning stains on your hands.

When apply Tanning Cream smooth the tan lotion all over your body in long circular strokes for an even smooth finish. Work in smaller sections when applying the tanning lotion to ensure full coverage. Do not be tempted to over apply and remember when applying tanning lotion, go easy on the knees, elbows, hands, and feet. If you apply to much tanning lotion to these areas, it may become too dark in these areas. Again remember when applying the tanning cream, use nice long circular strokes in the section your are working on and massage in well.

The next step of applying a tanning lotion maybe you favourite, it is simply do nothing. Give your tanning lotion a chance to dry. We recommend to re-apply every few days to keep up your much desires sun kissed glow. Embrace the radiance of your beautiful, tanned complexion. Your tan will not appear immediately it will take a few hours to develop, remember the best things in life are worth while waiting for.

Benefits of Tanning Lotion

Now you have a gorgeous tan don’t wait for your tan disappear, we recommend applying every few days to keep up your new tan look. Our tanning cream is moisturising and will leave your skin with a beautiful natural looking tan

  • Nature’s Quest Tanning Lotion is free from artificial fragrances and colours
  • Nature’s Quest tanning lotion is cruelty free and vegan friendly.
  • Nature’s Quest Tanning Lotion is 100% Australian Made and Owned